Round Basket Cobalt & Grey
Round Basket Cobalt & Grey
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Round Basket Cobalt & Grey

TCS Studio
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Our Round Basket in Cobalt and Grey features an earthy two-tone colour palette with a vibrant blue exterior and contrasting grey inside. The pleasing combination of contemporary shades is designed to bring colour to your home in the shape of a small basket that can be handily placed anywhere to keep track of everyday objects. This versatile piece looks just as decorative displayed on its own or with the matching baskets in this range.

These baskets have been produced in collaboration with palm leaf weavers in southern Mexico creating Fairtrade, sustainable homewares. They have been hand woven from palm fibres, and dyed using natural dyes in a complex process that can take local artisans’ years to master.

Care Instructions: Avoid contact with liquids and damp items. If the product gets wet or a spill occurs, bolt immediately with a paper towel or cloth to absorb the liquid.

  • Product Code: TCS311933


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