A motion-blurred photo of a person walking past The Conran Shop, with the store's name clearly visible above the window display.

50 Years of The Conran Shop

In 1973 on London’s Fulham Road the Conran Shop opened its doors for the first time. Since then, retail spaces across the globe have followed, reinventing neighbourhoods and building a design conscious following. A name now synonymous with good design, The Conran Shop is a curated showcase of innovative and contemporary designs across furniture, lighting and home accessories. We are the home of considered design and curated living. 

A person in a suit and tie, photographed in black and white, in a modern aesthetic room.

Sir Terence Conran

Trailblazing innovator, architect, restauranteur, writer and designer, Sir Terence Conran remains a voice of authority in contemporary design today. Through founding The Conran Shop he spearheaded a bold new era of modern living, informed by his travels and driven by a fundamental belief that great design should be available to everyone. Hailed as modern Britain’s original tastemaker, Sir Terence’s unrivalled vision has influenced many of the ways we furnish and decorate our homes today and it is in his distinguished design principles that we carry on his legacy.

Three vibrant orange modern chairs with chrome legs arranged in a playful manner, with the letters 'T C S' (The Conran Shop) artistically positioned between them against a white background

Our Product

With our exclusive designs we continue to build upon our rich heritage and the work of Sir Terence today. Led by an unwavering passion for craftsmanship, an acute understanding of materials and the desire to perfectly blend form with function all our designs are created in-house by our London creative teams, or in collaboration with a network of established, often Award Winning, designers. These are brought to life by skilled manufacturers and artisans from around the globe who are experts in their craft.