Meet Our Designers

On the left, a black and white photo of designer Matthew Hilton, wearing glasses and sitting at a table, with design sketches on the wall behind him. On the right, a wooden Delta chair of Matthew's with a sleek black leather seat and a curved backrest, highlighted against a dark background.

Matthew Hilton

Regarded as one of Britain’s most esteemed industrial designers, Matthew Hilton founded his eponymously named studio in 2007. Through an unparalleled knowledge of the industry and a dedication to oversee the design process from start to finish, his extensive portfolio now includes designs featured in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, Manchester City Art Gallery and The Museum of the Home in London, not to mention multiple awards including a Design Guild Mark in 2023 for his, The Conran Shop exclusive, Domus Desk.


On the left, a black and white photo of designer Daniel Schofield focused on sketching at his desk. On the right, a Mag side table of his design in navy with matching stools in glossy red and mustard yellow, arranged on a white floor against a white and shadowed backdrop.

Daniel Schofield

Originally training in graphic design and carpentry, Daniel Schofield’s talent lies in distilling designs down to their simplest form. His approach is to find beauty in this simplicity, thus giving an emphasis on what is essential. His clean, precise, almost poetic aesthetic is perhaps iconized by the sleek Mag Table Collection, an exclusive design especially for The Conran Shop.


On the left, a black and white portrait of designer Huw Evans, in a casual black t-shirt, standing with crossed arms and a slight smile. On the right, an Iris wooden lounge chair of his design, featuring a circular, open slat design set against a dark background.

Huw Evans

As the celebrated winner of New Designers 2019, The Conran Shop tipped graduate designer Huw Evans as a name to watch. His winning piece, the Iris Lounge chair, is a nod to Sir Terence’s original Cone Chair and went on to win a Design Guild Mark in 2023 for its commitment to craftsmanship. Now a member of The Conran Shop in-house design team, Huw works on original and exclusive designs across furniture and lighting.


sarah rousselle

Sarah Rousselle works out of her Paris based furniture and product design studio, creating beautiful objects for the home. Her work is driven by an analytical approach to creating functional products which are imbued with a unique sense of elegance. Using premium materials and a careful understanding of her craft, Sarah’s work evokes an emotional response through the simplicity and beauty of the objects she creates, as is characterized in her Biseau Mirror collection.


On the left, a black and white portrait of designer Magnus Long, leaning on a table with his hands clasped, looking directly at the camera. On the right, a sleek chair with a velvety golden-yellow upholstery and thin black metal legs, set against a dark background.

magnus long

Based in London, Magnus Long works in his self-titled studio and as an Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martin’s University. With an ethos to create insightful designs which connect people with beautiful craft and engineering he is constantly searching for the most elegant solution, as well as a commitment towards sustainability. From the Stix table collection to the Design Guild Mark Awarded Cross Leg chair, Long’s designs often have an element of playful originality.


On the left, a black and white photo of designer Gabriel Tan in a white shirt, arms crossed, looking intently at the camera. On the right, a collection of Monument furniture pieces of his design, including a desk, drawers, and a side table, showcased against a dark background.


With studios in Singapore and Porto, Gabriel Tan’s design practice draws inspiration from across Europe and Asia, crossing invisible borders of craft, culture and technology. As a former navy man Tan continues to subvert archetypes in his work, pushing the boundaries furniture design by reinterpreting classics with innovative new materials such as the Fenix top to his Monument furniture collection, an exclusive collaboration with The Conran Shop.


On the left, a black and white portrait of designer Samuel Wilkinson, sporting a trimmed beard and wearing a black shirt. On the right, two Flo  lamps with spherical white shades, one larger and transparent with the bulb visible, and the other with a smaller opaque shade, both against a dark background.


Samuel Wilkinson is known for pushing the boundaries of design thanks to an unrivalled knowledge of materials and manufacturing techniques. Setting up his own studio in 2008 he was shortly asked to co-design the L’arbe de Flonville in Lausanne, Switzerland, a monumental work of art which transformed the city’s central square. His fresh and dynamic approach has also created multiple Award Winning designs, including the Flo lighting collection, exclusive to The Conran Shop.


On the left, a black and white photo of designer Gareth Neal, wearing a white t-shirt and glasses, arms crossed, with a backdrop of wooden planks. On the right, a GN1 table of his design with a natural wood top and a conical base, presented against a dark background.


Based out of his progressive East London studio, Gareth Neal’s work holds process at the heart of everything is creates. Combining digital processes with a respect for craftsmanship and traditional techniques he gives classic pieces a modern narrative, with a priority on hand finished methods. His GN series of dining tables, designed exclusively for The Conran Shop, rebuild classic structures using new, environmentally conscious materials.