Furniture Access Check

This helpful guide is designed to assist you assess your space for your desired new piece of furniture. At The Conran Shop, we call it an Access Check. Simply put, it’s about making sure the item you have your eye on not only fits comfortably in your space but can be easily ands safely delivered there too. Please note that a failed delivery due to access issues is liable to a restocking fee, as per our Terms & Conditions.

The image is a diagram showing how to measure a sofa. It includes labels for the height (from the bottom to the top of the backrest), width (across the front), length (from one side to the other), and diagonal length (from the bottom back corner to the top front corner). The sofa is illustrated in a light blue color with a simple style, and the background is white.

Note The Dimensions

STEP 1 — Before beginning the Access Check, you will need to note down the length, width, depth, weight, diagonal length and packaged dimensions of the pieces you wish to order. These are all available at on the individual product page. You will need to refer to these throughout the inspection.

Measuring The Entrance

STEP 2A — THE WIDTH — Measure the width of your doorway at its narrowest point. If the door’s width is larger than that width and or depth of the item being delivered, it’s excellent news, and please move to STEP 2B. If not, please proceed to STEP 7.

STEP 2B — THE HEIGHT — Next, measure the height of your door frame. If the door’s height is greater than the item being delivered, and your hallway is spacious enough to accommodate some expert manoeuvring, our Delivery Team will be able to work their magic. If not, please move to STEP 7.

The image is an instructional illustration showing a sofa being moved through a doorway. The diagram includes arrows indicating the length of the sofa and the height of the doorway, guiding how to measure space for furniture movement. The sofa appears in light blue, and the doorway is marked in a contrasting blue, set against a light background.


STEP 3 — Measure the width and height of all hallways and internal doors along the intended path to ensure there is ample room to manoeuvre your purchase into its destination. Be sure to take light fixtures, radiators, shelving and handrails into account. If all is well, please jump to STEP 8. If fixtures are proving problematic, please move to STEP 6. If our team is going to encounter stairways, please proceed to STEP 4. If our Delivery Team is going to encounter a lift, please move to Step 5. If the path is too small for the piece to fit, please move to STEP 7.

The image is a diagram demonstrating how to measure a staircase for moving furniture. It shows a sofa being carried up a flight of stairs with annotations indicating the need to measure the width of the staircase as well as the staircase height to ensure the furniture can pivot around the corner. The stairs are shaded in blue, creating a visual contrast with the light blue sofa and the dimensions marked in red.


STEP 4 — If we’ll need to pivot the furniture around a landing, measure the width, depth and height of your landing to check it is larger than the item. Again, please be sure to take light fixtures, radiators, shelving and handrails into account. If the stairs are wider than the item being delivered, wonderful, please move to STEP 8. If fixtures are proving problematic, please move to STEP 6. If they are no room to pivot, please move to STEP 7.


STEP 5 — If our team will need to use a lift to access your home, please measure the height and width of the open elevator door as well as the diagonal height and depth of the lift itself to check it is larger than the piece you are ordering. If that’s the case, brilliant, please move to STEP 8. If the lift is too small, please move to STEP 7.

The image is a diagram indicating how to measure an elevator for furniture access. It shows an elevator with the door width and interior height dimensions marked in red. The diagram uses a simple, blue color scheme for the elevator and the background to clearly illustrate the measurement points.


STEP 6 — Light fixtures, radiators, shelving and handrails are necessary in almost every home; however, their prominence can often hinder our team’s progress when delivering your order. Please ensure that all fixtures and fittings are safely removed before our team’s arrival. If you require professional assistance, our Customer Service team will be able to advise.


STEP 7 — Sometimes it may feel like the structures that surround us put a limit on our ambitions. Thankfully, our Customer Service team view the world slightly differently. Please give them a call, or pop into a store, to seek advice on the next step to achieve your goals.

The image is an isometric diagram depicting a light blue sofa being tilted to fit through a doorway, with red arrows indicating the measurements for the doorway width and the height of the sofa. The background is a darker blue, providing a visual contrast to highlight the measurements and the movement of the sofa through the door.


STEP 8 — Congratulations, the Access Check is complete, and if your measurements are correct, you’re ready to place your order. You can do this quickly and painlessly online, over the phone or in store. We look forward to hearing from you imminently.

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