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Dash Coupe Large Plate 28cm

TCS Studio
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  • Overview

  • Specification

Designed to add a playful and fun element to the dining table, this Dash Coupe Plate is part of our new-season Le Sol collection.

Crafted with care in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the series is created using three types of locally sourced stoneware clay with a handpainted pattern and coloured rim. 

This plate epitomises our Le Sol theme, a celebration of new places, travel, and unapologetic design passion, bathed in nourishing colours and fluid forms as we look to the sunnier days ahead.

Care Instructions

Suitable for use in a dishwasher.

To prolong the lifespan of ceramics we recommend handwashing using a soft cloth or sponge and mild dish soap. Dry pieces thoroughly after washing using a soft towel.

If using a dishwasher, we recommend using a low-temperature cycle and taking care not to overstack, ensuring there is space between the pieces, and there are no sharp objects that could scratch or chip the surface.

Not suitable for use in a microwave, freezer, or oven.

Abrasive sponges, scourers, or products should not be used.

If a piece of ceramic shows any sign of damage such as a crack or chip, we recommend to stop using it as damaged ceramics can suddenly fail and cause injury.

When storing for prolonged periods, napkins or paper towels can be placed between pieces to reduce the risk of scratching.

Metal cutlery marks- This product has a glaze which gives each piece a hand made and unique finish. To achieve this look, the glaze has properties that will make cutlery marks more obvious. These can be removed by gently scrubbing using a cream cleaner that contains fine cleaning powder such as hob top cleaner, Bar Keepers Friend or Cif. The cutlery marks on the surface are removable using this method and are not perceived as a product fault. Thoroughly clean the ceramic after using these cleaning product.

  • Crafted in South Africa
  • Finished with a hand-painted pattern
  • Part of our SS23 Le Sol collection
  • 28cm
  • Product Code: TCS267891


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