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Gift Cards - Guidelines

An existing Gift Card can be used by simply by presenting it when shopping at one of our UK Stores.

You can check your Gift Card balance on this page.

Having issues redeeming your Gift Card? Please call 020 7827 4496.

Please read below for our Gift Card terms and conditions, or read our complete Terms & Conditions.


Expiry & Balance

A Gift Card will expire after 12 consecutive months of inactivity and any remaining balance on the card will be reduced to nil.

Usage Terms

A Gift Card can be used as full or partial payment for goods, excluding services such as delivery fees, at The Conran Shop UK. Gift Cards are only valid in the country from where they are purchased, and cannot be used in any of our overseas stores.

It must be presented during the purchase, and the total value will be deducted from the card's balance.

No change will be given, but the remaining balances can be applied to future purchases.

Returns & Exchanges

If a gift card has been used to purchase goods later returned or exchanged for lower value items, the owed amount will be credited to a new card or voucher.

Cash Redemption & Loss

The balance on a Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash and it is non refundable if a gift card is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Card Characteristics

The Gift Card is not a credit, charge, or cheque guarantee card and cannot be resold.

Restriction of Use & Acceptance Criteria

The Conran Shop reserves the right to restrict Gift Card use if suspicious, fraudulent, or illegal activities are suspected or identified.

Only original, undamaged Gift Cards will be accepted.