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Bibi Stripe Rug Neutral 200 x 300cm

TCS Studio
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  • Overview

  • Specification

Designed exclusively by The Conran Shop, the Bibi Stripe Rug is brand new to our rug edit for Autumn 2019.

Crafted in India by skilled artisans, the rug features a premium jute and wool mix. Jute’s natural, low-maintenance nature makes this rug eco-conscious while wool’s balanced thermal insulation properties optimise the Bibi for use both in the winter and summer months.

The Conran Shop’s range of rug designs will help anchor any kitchen, bedroom and living room. Our hand-woven cashmere blends, braided jute floor coverings and textural hides showcase minimalist designs hand-knotted using New Zealand wool and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from Morocco to ensure there’s a rug to suit every space.

Care Instructions

Rugs should be cleaned weekly, using a vacuum on a low to medium power setting. Always move the vacuum in the direction of the fibres. Do not apply too much pressure or use a vacuum with teeth or rotating brushes as these may damage the fibres.

Some light shedding and fluffing is normal with new rugs, the excess pile can be removed using a vacuum on a low to medium power setting. Do not apply too much pressure or use a vacuum with teeth or rotating brushes as these may damage the fibres.

We recommend using a non-slip base under rugs to reduce movement and dust retention.

Loose threads are not a fault and should not be pulled. Loose threads can be removed carefully using scissors, taking special care to cut the thread only, not a loop in the rug.

Exposure to sunlight and repeated friction at certain points can affect the surface colour and overall wear. We recommend rotating rugs from time to time, to ensure the rug wears evenly and any colour fade caused by exposure to direct sunlight is even across the surface.

Small spillages and marks should be cleaned immediately and not left to dry to reduce the risk of stains. We recommend using a clean, absorbent, undyed cloth and a gentle dabbing motion to absorb any spillages. For solid stains, a blunt object such as a spoon should be used to remove as much debris as possible. If necessary, a solution of lukewarm water with a couple of drops of mild, colourless dish soap can be dabbed onto the affected area using a clean, undyed cloth. After cleaning, use a dry, absorbent undyed cloth to remove excess water from the surface.

When using a damp cloth, we advise starting from the outer edge and working toward the centre of the spillage to avoid creating ring marks.

If necessary, a specialist cleaning product can be used. We strongly advise following manufacturer instructions and testing on a small inconspicuous area.

Do not rub vigorously and where possible avoid excessive spot cleaning.

Professional dry cleaning is recommended for marks or stains. We do not recommend excessive dry cleaning.

  • Exclusive design by The Conran Shop
  • Crafted in India
  • Features a premium mix of jute and wool
  • 200cm (w) x 300cm (h)
  • Product Code: TCS25521


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