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Diamond Rattan Round Placemat 38cm

TCS Studio
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Diamond Rattan Round Coaster 10cm

TCS Studio

Diamond Rattan Round Coaster 10cm

£5.00 £8.00
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This Diamond Placemat is designed by The Conran Shop, honouring the versatile, natural qualities of rattan.

The handwoven rattan placemat is crafted in Vietnam, displaying a detailed diamond pattern.

The custom of weaving dates back centuries, where local creations were used for everyday functionality. As one of the oldest and most reputable crafts in the world, it’s prevalent to this day, utilising hardy locally sourced materials such as straw, cane or seagrass.

Care instructions

Brush or shake off any dry debris before gently wiping clean with a tightly wrung clean, undyed cloth or sponge. Always wipe in the direction of the fibres to prevent unnecessary damage, gently applying more pressure to stained areas.

Dry gently with a towel, allow to dry thoroughly before stacking or putting away.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as it can cause colours to fade.

  • Designed by The Conran Shop
  • Handwoven in Vietnam
  • Boasts a durable rattan weave
  • 38cm
  • Product Code: TCS119664


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