Domus Sideboard 2 Door Oak
Domus Sideboard 2 Door Oak
Domus Sideboard 2 Door Oak
Domus Sideboard 2 Door Oak
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Domus Sideboard 2 Door Oak

Matthew Hilton for TCS
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Domus Sideboard 3 Door Oak

Matthew Hilton for TCS

Domus Sideboard 3 Door Oak

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Designed by Award Winning British designer Matthew Hilton, our Domus Sideboard boasts an elegant frame complimented by a choice of oak or walnut and available in two sizes.

This sideboard houses a combination of cupboard and drawer storage options, all with soft close and push to open mechanisms which enhance the uninterrupted grain of the veneer as it runs across the length of the piece.

Regarded as one of Britain’s most esteemed industrial designers, Hilton infuses complex engineering and seemingly effortless simplicity into each piece he creates. Working with luxurious materials such as solid wood, cast iron and brass, Hilton’s designs are often inspired by long-established furniture forms that he so expertly refreshes.

Important Information

Find out how to care for your solid wood furniture here.

This sideboard arrives assembled, please consider the product dimensions and access to your property when ordering. The legs can be removed. Should this table be required to be disassembled for access into your property we would need to be informed prior to delivery.

As per our Terms & Conditions, before placing your order it is important to ensure that this product fits your desired space and is of a size that can be delivered into your home and so you must conduct your own Access Check prior to ordering this item. Review our Furniture Access Check on how to complete this, using the dimensions listed in the product details.

  • Solid European Oak construction
  • Handcrafted in Portugal
  • Push close drawers & doors
  • 130cm (w) x 74.5cm (h) x 40cm (d)
  • Product Code: TCS318699


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